Utica Boilers Domestic Hot Water Module

DHW Module

The Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Module is a great way to make domestic hot water using an existing boiler.
The Module incorporates a brazed plate stainless steel heat exchanger, a patented two way valve with stepper motor, a circulator pump, a flow sensor and electronic temperature controls.
The pump is sized to overcome the friction losses of the boiler and the heat exchanger. In partnership with the two way valve it provides the correct amount of boiler water flow to deliver DHW at the desired temperature.


■ Connects to any type of boiler that includes low limit function to maintain boiler temperature
■ Digital control has the ability to set a consistent DHW temperature from 108°F - 140°F
■ Brazed plate stainless steel heat exchanger offers lower pressure drop than tankless water coils with nearly 100% heat transfer efficiency
■ Simple and flexible installation - mounts on a wall near the boiler as an additional heating zone
■ Compact design with insulated cover and a standard 120 volt power cord
■ Easy to service and clean
■ 1-Year Limited Warranty

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