BC Series II

BC Series II

The BC Series II is available in 3 sizes from 133 to 161 MBH. The BC features a Honeywell 2012 Compliant High Limit/Electronic Ignition Control with digital temperature display and diagnostics. In the "Less Coil" version of the boiler, the control monitors water temperature and delays the burner starting until any residual heat has been transferred. Thermal purge logic measures the rate of temperature change inside the boiler and delays burner firing accordingly. This maximizes efficiency by turning on the burner only when needed. In the "With Coil" version, the Low Limit satisfies the domestic hot water call. When Low Limit calls, the control seeks maximum temperature to satisfy the domestic hot water need bypassing thermal purge logic.


  • Efficiency: Mid-Efficiency
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron
  • Combustion: Atmospheric
  • Venting: Chimeny Vent
  • Boiler Type: Hot Water
  • Boiler Controls: High Limit, Circulator Control and Primary Control.
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron Heat Exchanger with Cast Iron Push Nipples.
  • Combustion: Beckett Oil Burner, Combustion Chamber with Target Wall/Liner.
  • Electrical: Wiring Harness, Burner Electrical Disconnect.
  • Other
    • Crated Cast Iron Boiler with Insulated Flush Jacket
    • Circulator - 1-1/4"
    • Temperature Pressure Gauge
    • 30 PSI A.S.M.E. Safety Relief Valve
    • Boiler Drain Valve
    • 1-1/4" Supply and Return Tapping

For Tankless Heater Units: Tankless Hot Water Coil and Low Limit.

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