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MGB Series II/MGC Series ,   Model: MGB Series II/MGC SeriesAdditional Information
The MGB Series II/MGC Series is available in nine sizes from 50 MBH to 299 MBH and is designed for chimney-vent applications. With efficiencies up to 83.9% AFUE, the latest design features a Honeywell Control that monitors water temperature and delays burner start until residual heat has been transferred to the system for maximum efficiency. An integral Draft Hood and Automatic Vent Damper reduces the overall height and footprint of the boiler making it ideal for low clearance/space limited installations. MGB Series II Shown (Far left), MCG Series (Inset, Right)
Heat Exchanger:
Cast Iron Heat Exchanger
Chimney Vent
Boiler Type:
Hot Water

  1. MGB Series II/MGC Series Rev. 11/14
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. MGB Series II Gas Conversion Kit Instructions Rev. C
  2. MGB Series II IOM Rev. H
  3. MGB Series II Spark Pilot Retrofit Instructions Rev. A
  4. MGC IOM Rev. A
Parts Lists
  1. MGB II Parts Rev. E
  2. MGC Parts Rev. A
  1. Utica Consolidated Warranty Rev. D